Welcome to The Week at Book Brats! This week Megan has asked Rywn to take over once more, so naturally it will be completely different from the way she always does things. How was Halloween everyone? Where I live all my candy was gone within 45mins. And there were four of us!


Publisher’s Weekly Announced the Best-Selling Self Published Books of 2012 (I’ve only read one of them)
Penguin and Random House officially combine to form Penguin Random House 


REVIEW – Beta by Rachel Cohn (Megan says don’t read this)
REVIEW – Shadow and Bone by Leigh Barugo (Rywn said you definitely should read this)
DISCUSSION – The Book to Movie Adaption (Why are they so evil?)
FEATURE – Bratty Halloween Book Suggestions (Everyone likes a good Halloween Read! We recommend a few scary and not-so-scary ones.)
MEME – WoW 55 – Through the Ever Night (Megan is excited for this)
GUEST POST – Author J. Bridger (Yey, guest posts!)
ANNOUNCEMENT – The Epic Giving Thanks Scavenger Hunt (Even more yey – FREE THINGS!)
REVIEW – The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen (The was a good New Adult romance. Worth reading.)


DISCUSSION – The Perks of Being an Anon Blogger REVIEW – Katya’s World REVIEW – The Shadow Society REVIEW / GUEST POST – Ghost Planet REVIEW – The Sea of Tranquility TOUR – Through Indigo’s Eyes TOUR – The Tangled Bridge

REVIEW – The Lost Prince (Maybe?! Someday Rywn will get around to this)