Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by BREAKING THE SPINE devoted to showing off what books you can’t wait to get your hands on this week!

River here. A friend of mine showed me the cover for Linked and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. I immediately went to the Goodreads and checked the book out.

(Megan’s editing note: IT WAS ME SILLY. I showed you.)

The former title for this book was Telepathic Twins in Space. While Linked is the obvious, and better choice, telepathic twins in space sounds like an excellent description.  I can’t find very much information about this book but I inexplicably can’t wait to read it.

I read that this book was written for the 2009 NatNoWriMo, so it is good to see that people are putting that to good use.

When I was younger I always wanted a twin. In many of my original fictions I have twins in my stories, most likely secretly fulfilling this desire so I am all for this book.

LINKED by Imogen Howson releases on an undisclosed date in 2013! What are YOU waiting on this Wednesday?

Elissa discovers her nightmarish visions and inexplicable bruises are caused by a telepathic link to a twin she didn’t know existed. When she helps the girl evade government capture, a Bourne Identity style chase ensues.