The Angel by Tiffany ReiszPublished September, 25 2012 by Harlequin MIRA416 pages Netgalley

Genre: Adult Romance

Reviewer: MeganRating: ♥♥♥♥♥


No safe word can protect the heartInfamous erotica author and accomplished dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is doing something utterly out of character: hiding. While her longtime lover, Søren—whose fetishes, if exposed, would be his ruin—is under scrutiny pending a major promotion, Nora’s lying low and away from temptation in the lap of luxury.

Her host, the wealthy and uninhibited Griffin Fiske, is thrilled to have Nora stay at his country estate, especially once he meets her traveling companion. Young, inexperienced and angelically beautiful, Michael has become Nora’s protégé, and this summer with Griffin is going to be his training, where the hazing never ends.

But while her flesh is willing, Nora’s mind is wandering. To thoughts of Søren, her master, under investigation by a journalist with an ax to grind. And to another man from Nora’s past, whose hold on her is less bruising, but whose secrets are no less painful. It’s a summer that will prove the old adage: love hurts.

(You can read my review of THE SIREN, book one in the Original Sinners series, HERE.)

If you haven’t read THE SIREN by Tiffany Reisz, I have two pieces of advice. One, go read THE SIREN right now before I skin you alike. Two, don’t read this review. Or read this review at your own risk.

THE ANGEL picks up several months after THE SIREN, with Wesley still out of Nora’s life, Nora back with Soren, and Zach returned to his wife (and pretty much out of the story picture from now on). With Soren under investigation for a promotion, and by an enterprising newspaper reporter desperate to uncover clues for a story that might very well make her career.

In this episode of The Original Sinners, somehow the story expands from a taut erotica into a mixture of BDSM and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. I didn’t know it was possible to make this series any more exciting and delicious than it already is. Adding in a thriller element to the torrid affairs of writer, submissive, and Dominatrix Nora only serves to ratchet up the tension and the need to read this story as quickly as possible.

THE ANGEL returns teenage Michael to the picture, the so-called Angel in the title, along with playboy Griffin in a side plot that kept me needing more and more. Nora’s romances with the men in her life became less of the story as we added Michael and Griffin’s stories to the mix. Although he eventually plays a major role in the story – a role that drastically changes the direction of the story towards the end – I really did miss Wesley’s presence in the novel. I love his vanilla and naïve nature in this story of sex, kink, and lies. Oh, and did I mention the mystery? THE MYSTERY!

Yes, everyone, there is a murder mystery in here. Sort of. More of an overarching mystery of lies, drama, and secrets to be exact. But the connecting threat in all of this is the romantic connections between these characters, or at least the sexual connections. Nora’s relationship with Soren in the post-Wesley world hooked me, even though I am not a big fan of Soren and his machinations, was all the drama I could have hoped for.

This series is not for everyone, but if you loved THE SIREN, then trust me, THE ANGEL is going to be the sequel you have dreamed about and desired. This is the series that deserves FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’s massive success. It has the heart, the soul, the prose, the sex, and the real BDSM that FIFTY SHADES claims to possess. This is the series that has the potential to blow FIFTY SHADES out of the water. I just hope it one day it is successful as Tiffany Reisz’s amazing series deserves.

And let’s just say I cannot wait for book three.

VERDICT: It’s epic. Awesome. Amazing. Basically, if you are not reading this series, you need to think about your life and your choices. Right now.


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