We accept galleys, ARCs, and finished books from publishers and authors in exchange for an honest review. This includes self-published authors on a case by case basis, but this will be rare. We are willing to work with all authors, publishers, marketers, etc on a case by case basis to facilitate giveaways, interviews, guest posts, blog tours, and so on.


I review a wide variety of items, from young adult to paranormal romance to science fiction to chick lit. Right now I am NOT open to self-published requests unless you contact me first through AIM or have been referred by another blogger, in which case that blogger should talk to me first. I do not have the time to reply personally to each request, so sadly, if I am not interested I will not reply.

My likes include: –Young Adult: paranormal romance, urban fantasy, high fantasy, science fiction (including post-apocalyptic and dystopian), and very rarely contemporary

–Adult: paranormal romance, urban fantasy, high fantasy, science fiction, romance, chick lit

Email Megan at megan@book-brats.com


I love high fantasy and historical romances, primarily ones set in the England/Scotland/Ireland. I will often read goopy teenage romances, and paranormal romance. While I would probably love your self-published request, and have been known to stay towards them for a good read, I probably have a stack of books already waiting for me to read. I adore YA fiction, and especially love ones based of mythology or fairy tales.

Genres I am most likely to accept: fantasy, historical romances, YA paranormal romance
Genres I don’t accept: western, modern-day adult romances, thrillers, mystery

Email Rywn at rywn@book-brats.com


When Book Brats is open to self-published requests, please keep in mind what genres we read before offering review copies. Do not send files in emails or else they will be deleted. And hi, we have names, it they not Dear Book or Hello Blogger. We do not accept requests for games, self-help, mysteries, thrillers, military, or the like.

Both Megan and Rywn also dislike religious books, children’s books, memoirs, non-fiction, and books with weak heroines (or jerky male leads).

We are also interested in doing interviews with authors, giveaways, blog tours, or allowing guest posts from authors. If you are interested, please contact Megan at: megan@book-brats.com


We reserve the right to not read books received for review, although this is a last resort thing. Please contact us for a status update for your review request via email only if you feel this is necessary.

We also have and will give negative reviews if a book warrants it. We try our best to be constructive in criticism, and we feel that negative reviews often incite the most discussion about a book. We will include the cover, description as provided by Goodreads or Amazon, information on publisher and date of publication, and pertinent information.


If the book fits the list above, please feel free to contact us to express interest. We will try to respond within 72 hours, but in the event that we do not respond, please take that as a thanks but no thanks to your request. We prefer hard copies to ebooks but will accept ebooks on a case by case basis. We both own Kindles so they must be compatible (.mobi or PDF).


In addition to being a hobby reviewer, we both also have jobs. There will be times where we will be backed up, but we will try our best to review. Books that we have personally requested will come before unsolicited material, but we will try to review everything that we take on.


All reviews are cross-posted to multiple websites, these include Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Amazon, and occasionally Paperback Swap.


Megan can be contacted for reviews or questions at megan@book-brats.com
On Goodreads, I review under the name Megan (Book Brats).
You can follow me on Twitter as @bookbrats

Rywn can be contacted at rywn@book-brats.com
On Goodreads, she reviews under the name Andi Ruggles (Rywn).
You can follow her on Twitter as @andiruggles

River can be contacted at river@book-brats.com
On Goodreads, she reviews under the name River Song.
You can follow her on Twitter as @riverthebrat