I rate on a five point scale with no half points. Hopefully this chart will lay things out for you and make it easier to understand!

Amazing book that I cannot suggest too much. A definite must read. A rare find on Book Brats.

FOUR HEARTS – ♥♥♥♥ – Great Book!
A great book with some faults, but I suggest it to all my readers.

THREE HEARTS – ♥♥♥ – Good Book!
A book with a few noticeable faults that I recommend to certain readers.

TWO HEARTS – ♥♥ – Meh Book.
A book with faults that are hard to look past. I only recommend these to fans of the series or the author. I did not care for this book.

ONE HEART – ♥ – Not My Cup of Tea
A book that I will not recommend to my readers, often because of faults that are impossible to ignore. Do not recommend this book and did not like it.

NO HEARTS – Did not finish
A book that I did not finish for some reason or another and will explain why.